Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elephant on Florida beach

An elephant was spotted by beachgoers frolicking in the surf in an apparent effort to cool down, which wouldn’t have been that unusual if the sighting were in Africa. But it wasn’t.
Oddly, it was in Florida.
Beachgoers were stunned to see the elephant in the surf at Redington Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. One of them was accountant and tax advisor Todd Unbehagen, who took a selfie and video that he posted online for the world to see.
He wrote on his Unbehagen Advisors Facebook page:
A wish for Florida: I truly hope that the ‘selfie’ and video that has gone viral of the elephant on the beach that I have posted brings a lot of worldwide attention to our beautiful beaches and increases tourism, thus helping the economy, of this beautiful area that I live and work in.