Saturday, May 24, 2014

iPhone 6’s display is getting better – and not just because it’s getting bigger

Studies have shown that potential iPhone buyers can’t wait for a bigger iPhone 6 to arrive, with the screen size being a major factor when deciding on their next smartphone purchase. But a new report seems to indicate that the iPhone 6’s display won’t just be bigger — it’ll also be better.
G for Games has picked up a report from the Chinese media based on Innolux supply chain sources that says the next iPhone 6 will feature a “touch-on display” panel, which features an “on-cell” technology, rather than “in-cell” tech, which is the type of display touch sensor technology found in current iPhones.

“The main difference between on-cell and in-cell is the fact that the former technology allows manufacturers to move the touch layer into the outer glass (such as the protective Gorilla Glass / Sapphire layer),” the publication writes. “According to the source, this allows manufacturers to create higher quality displays (faster screen response, no smear, no jitter, better color reproduction and so on).”
By moving to an “on-cell” display, Apple will be able to significantly reduce the thickness of the iPhone 6’s screen and thus the overall size of the handset, while also improving the touch sensor’s responsiveness, the screen’s visual performance and reducing manufacturing costs. Many distinct iPhone 6 mockups have been featured in a variety of reports, showing that the 4.7-inch handset would be significantly thinner than its predecessors.