Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nigerian World Cup viewing venue rocked by explosion

A viewing party in a Nigerian area plagued by terrorist attacks was hit by an explosion during today’s match between Brazil and Mexico, leaving unconfirmed reports of casualties as hospitals near the northern city of Damaturu deal with those injured by the blast.
According to the BBC’s report, the explosion occurred around 20:15 local time (6:15 p.m. Eastern) at an outdoor viewing center in the state of Yobe, one of three areas under a state of emergency after recent attacks from an Islamic militant group.
Local officials had warned that the popular venues may be the target of Boko Haram (translated from Huasa as “Western education is forbidden”), who’ve deemed soccer as an un-Islamic activity.

Though some eye witnesses have reported casualties, officials have yet to confirm any deaths associated with the blast. From the BBC’s reporting:
                    “There was an explosion outside a soccer viewing centre here in Damaturu at around 20:15,” Sanusi Ruf’ai, police commissioner for Yobe state, told AFP news agency.
“Our men have deployed to the scene but it’s too early for us to give details.”
Trucks carrying bodies have arrived at a local hospital, Reuters news agency reported, citing a source at the hospital.