Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tanazania Government says they do not have the copyright of Mt.kilimanjaro

GOVERNMENT has said that Tanzania does not copyright the name of Mount Kilimanjaro, so different agencies can use the logos of the same name in publicizing tourist attractions as Kenya Airways, Kenya Airways is said to be using the emblem of the mountain.

Attorney General, Fredrick Werema, told Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania ,Tuesday, June 17, 2014 that an act of agency is using the emblem of the mountain does not have any effect because there is no one to copyright the name of the mountain.

He said, it should be indistinguishable from the copyright righten  used in various books and authors in the community and those mentioned in the works of art from the goal of using the same logos.

KQ-Pak-texts "It is true that there Aircraft Corporation of Kenya uses made ​​of 'Mount Kilimanjaro' but it is not a mistake because no one was patient for the same mountain in the plane; as we would have done before them would be the same, but also to do so you must use the skills of Interestial property and that it plays no role is intellectual property, which applies to books and to what art "Statement of the Government follows a question raised by a Member of the State of Same East , Anne Kilango, who said "Many countries are using their plane advertise tourist attractions of the domestic as well as Air Tanzania uses emblem Giraffe and etc to the promotion of tourism, but why the agency's Flight announces mount Kilimanjaro as it is to them? Is this what the government gives statement that this is not correct "he noted.  

there has been much discussion of the subject down in the short term that neighboring Kenya has been promoting itself  in different countries that owns the mountain and some of the resources available around the mountain and other areas, something which translated benefits Kenya through Tanzania resources illegally.