Tuesday, May 5, 2015

warning dont annoy Tyson

This annoying fan discovered the hard way that Mike Tyson doesn't enjoy selfies .

One supporter, who to be fair appeared to have consumed a decent amount of alcohol prior to the encounter, discovered this to his cost.
The 48-year-old retired boxer initially turns around looking rather confused as the fan embraces him, before he begins to get increasingly annoyed at the man’s persistence.
After trying to shrug off the clingy fan, Tyson then begins to unleash a few fierce elbows to force the man to retreat.
He may not be trying to hurt the man too badly, but the power of ‘Iron Mike’ was all-too-apparent as the fan was hauled backwards by a concerned onlooker.
The moral of the story, if anyone needs it pointing out, is clearly this: never, EVER, attempt to get too close to the heavyweight boxing legend.